Do These 5 Things For A Full Life Reset

habits Nov 08, 2023
Do These 5 Things For A Full Life Reset

It’s impossible to never need a reset. No matter how on top of your home, schedule, or daily habits, we all need a full life reset every once in a while. You can do these 5 things for a full life reset.

Maybe you feel like you’re constantly playing catch-up and needing to reset. 

Either way, everyone needs time to get collected and readjust. I typically have a reset twice a year but other times I end up doing one quarterly. It’s not always planned but if I need it, I’ll do it!

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My 5-Step Full-Life Reset Routine!

Right now I’m past due for a FULL life reset! It’s so true that everything inevitably comes to a head all at once. It started with the chaos of planning what seemed like a million summer trips. Then everyone in my home got COVID AND a stomach bug, and we finally went on all the trips! Not to mention being pregnant the entire time! WOOF 😅

Like I said before, it doesn’t matter how meticulous you are about your routine, life can just get crazy!

And no matter how much you want to be that person constantly ticking off tasks from your to-do list, sometimes your body will demand you to stop. Resting is an integral part of being able to get what needs to be done, done!

Whether it means canceling dates from your overwhelming schedule or taking a break because your emotions are getting the best of you. Whatever it is, getting back to a neutral place is necessary!

I’ve noticed over time that I tend to do the same things in the same order to achieve a full life reset. When I follow these steps my capacity to be productive shoots up!

#1. Finances

This first step is imperative to a successful reset. 

A little disclaimer, no one loves to look at their financial situation (or is it just me??). Sadly it’s gotta happen.

Most areas of your life are dependent on your finances and no matter if you have more than enough money or struggling to get by (trust me I’ve been there) you need to know where you’re at.

If you’re anything like me, you like to look at all the data. What’s coming into your account, what’s being spent, how much both those things fluctuate, etc. 

I’ve shared in the past what Matt and I’s financial spreadsheet looks like with all the breakdowns. I’d suggest making edits that work for you though. Mine is not one-size-fits-all!

This is not financial advice. I’m just an advocate for being familiar with your finances. It means knowing what can be spent on your next vacation or what you can spend when you can go out for drinks with friends.

This area of your reset might be creating a new savings goal that takes some stress off moving forward. Or you notice a subscription that isn’t quite paying off that can be canceled.

It’s simple, but knowing where you can step forward financially next is relieving.

#2. Schedule

Is there anything as overwhelming or chaotic as trying to keep track of every plan, meeting, and due date in your head?

Time management tools are life-saving! Personally, I use Google Calendar and Asana (which is a platform that my team and I use).

There is a method for prioritizing your schedule which is illustrated by a jar being filled with rocks or sand first. It goes like this, you start by filling your jar with rocks (all the important life-changing tasks) first and sprinkle in the sand after. Otherwise, you’ll dump in the sand (little things that aren’t necessary) and have no room for rocks.

A year filled with sand might have been enjoyable or busy but you’ll look back and have nothing to show for it.

For example, the rocks I start with are family vacations. I want to prioritize spending time with my family and that’s a none negotiable. Next, I think about ways I want to build my career. Partnerships, collabs, or classes I want to participate in can be added to my schedule. 

I’m not the type of person who likes to have something planned every week. I want to have downtime to recharge or else I get burnt out.

Where you spend your time is where you spend your energy. While some people have way more energy than others, we all have a limit. That’s why it’s important to prioritize where you spend that energy during this full life reset.

But where does your energy come from? Your home!

#3. Home

Your home can take a beating when life gets crazy. People tend to put it on the back burner so you can make time for other things. That’s why finding time to reevaluate your home is so important in a full life reset.

There are many ways you can change your home to be more supportive of your life. That might mean adding something in or decluttering what’s no longer needed. I’d bet right now you already know what you need to get rid of or add in. You’ve been thinking about it for who knows how long but “just haven’t had the time”.

The time is NOW!

Those who have kids know that as kids get older what your home needs to function also changes. Or even if that doesn’t apply to you maybe you have a new hobby, goal, or passion that requires something new from your home. 

Your home shouldn’t be an excuse not to do something new, it should support you and motivate you to make the change.

My home reset started with a deep clean (prior to and post sickness). Next, I replaced my dining room chairs because my old ones broke. This was one of those things I have been needing to do but just needed the time. 

Unfortunately, those chairs scuffed the floor so I needed a rug. Well, I was sent the wrong rug but then was refunded and sent the correct one. 

When everything was said and done I loved the space with the new chairs and rug. It felt cozy and ended up supplying a free rug for the living room!

I spent more intentional time revamping my bathroom and decluttering the spaces that inevitably get out of control (aka bathroom and bedroom drawers). Having all that done feels like a weight lifted.

#4. Nourishment

What are you putting in your body? This one was BIG this reset due to the many sicknesses going around my home and the baby growing in my belly 🤰.

Every time I slow down or get sick I become extra mindful of what I’m consuming.

And anytime you decided to work on health as a whole I recommend starting with nutrition and then moving to exercise. Focus on what your body needs to heal, get back to neutral, then start exercising and pushing your body.

Proper nourishment is important for more than just “being healthy” it allows you to feel good, which allows you to do the things you love. 

#5. Fitness

I’m a true believer that physical fitness goes hand in hand with mental fitness. Both are equally important in a full life reset.

Feeling rested and full of energy means participating in meditation or a full body reset. Most times those mental exercises make me physically calmer, or just all around better!

And with this full-life reset I’m itching to get back into yoga. Every time I take a break or life gets crazy and I stop doing daily yoga I’m almost scared of starting again. I know I’ll be shaky or I won’t be able to touch my toes.

The reality is those things might be true, but the payoff of how I’ll feel after I start is so worth it!

Reset, Feel Better

And just like that, full life reset complete ✔.

These are the steps I’ve taken for my reset points and can be manipulated to work for just about anyone! 


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