About Me


Hi there and welcome!Ā 

I'm Mia.

Hey there! šŸ˜Š So, I'm pretty much all over the internet ā€“ I'm a YouTuber, I love sharing my thoughts here on this website through my blog, I dive into interesting conversations on my podcast (The Mind Your Home Podcast), and, well, I've also got a book and a couple of courses out there. I live in Portland, Oregon with a family of five, plus our adorable pup, Charlie.

So, it's me and my husband Matt, who's doing an amazing job at being the cool dad in a house that's majorly girl-powered. We have two teenage daughters who are as awesome as they are a handful, and then there's our littlest one, our baby girl, who just adds all the more love (and chaos) to our lives. And just for the record, Charlie's a girl too, so Matt's totally outnumbered! šŸ¤£

But I startedĀ learningĀ about minimalism and the power of our environments years ago when I was a single mom with two toddlers. No matter how full my house is now, things are 100x easier than they were back then. You don't have to have a full household to reap some major benefits of a clutter-free and optimized home space.

I'm a firm believer that your environment is your most valuable asset -Ā not only in monetary terms, but in its profound impact on your overall well-being and happiness. At least it could be...

As a content creator on a mission, I've spent the past several years sharing how anyone canĀ create cozy clutter-free spaces that supportĀ their daily flow and enhanceĀ their life. You can too.


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