Quick Decluttering Tasks to Start Doing Today

decluttering Nov 08, 2023
Quick Decluttering Tasks

Clutter can feel paralyzing, so let's break it down into manageable baby steps. Here are 10 quick decluttering tasks to help you get started in 10 minutes or less! Take one at a time and watch your progress unfold.

Once you get the ball rolling, you'll be ready for the next 10-point checklist for managing clutter in your home. This is where we take our intentions to the next level.

#1. Collect and sort papers

I've been blogging about this for a long time, and one of the top 3 clutter types that people mention to me repeatedly is paper.

This is one of the toughest decluttering tasks for many people, so I wrote an entire article about decluttering papers.

Now, you might think, "How on earth is sorting papers a 10-minute task?!" Here's where the 10-minute part comes in - in this step, you're JUST going to gather and sort into key piles!

These key piles might be "family", "work", "financial", etc. Worry about what to do with the piles and how to divide the categories later- this task is about making quick progress!

Getting the ball moving forward on the paper mountain will make the mountain feel less scary. Trust me.

#2. Gather your decluttering equipment

Get excited! Gather filing supplies, boxes, bags, labels...whatever you need to clearly state, “I am prepared for this decluttering that’s about to take place.”

If you want a few organizers for the things that remain after you declutter, that’s up to you, but this operation is about removing, not hiding, and stacking.

#3. Consolidate, consolidate, consolidate

One of my favorite decluttering tasks is going around the house and consolidating two or more things into one. It's so satisfying!

This includes any products that are identical (or interchangeable): bath products, cleaning supplies, condiments, and medicine bottles (like ibuprofen). You can do this in every room!

Of course, be safe about what you're consolidating. Make sure the things are of the same type and generally have the same expiration date!

You can take this further and consolidate items into one location. For example, we keep all our batteries in an old leather zipper bag and all our pens in a single pen holder. You could do the same thing with similar items!

This is one decluttering strategy that helps to save massive amounts of time, but if you want the whole formula, then I recommend you check out my free masterclass, 'My Holistic Clutter-Free Formula'!

#4. Gather extra throw pillows and blankets

Never feel like you're wasting linens because these are great donation items. Just because you own 30 throw pillows and "those things are expensive” doesn’t mean you have to display them.

Suppose you like using them, great! If they're the dated ones your mom handed down, then feel free to part ways.

#5. Remove all extra and unloved silverware or cooking utensils

Now is your chance to eliminate the plastic spatula that’s melted on one end. (You know which one I'm talking about).

You may feel like you need 5 sets of silverware, but I promise you to don’t. This is probably why you have so many dishes to do!

People will always pull from the fresh stack. Let's clear up some of that valuable kitchen drawer real estate.

Set a timer for 10 minutes and see what you come out with! If those drawers have become junk and clutter hotspots, you should check out these tips.

#6. Rummage the underwear drawer

I said it! I bet it's been a loooong time since that underwear drawer got some love.

Do you even wear pantyhose anymore? And, let's face it, sometimes you’ll have to splurge and buy new undies! It’s just a necessity of life.

That includes socks. So, those socks or undies with holes... (I’m gently shaking my head at you).

#7. Toss expired products from the kitchen

This includes the fridge, the freezer, and all of the food cabinets! You can perform these as separate 10-minute tasks if you have a heavier food load.

This is one of the easiest decluttering tasks because these are never things you want to hold onto anyway! There are no sentimental attachments.

Whoop! Easy win.

#8. One-time books or outgrown kids' books

Don't stress about this! You don’t need to rid yourself of books completely. Consider the books that you know are just one-time reads. These should be easy enough to pass on to a new owner. Also, kids especially outgrow their books fairly quickly and tend to fall apart even before then!

I know that books can be an emotional topic, but I have a resource to help you work through the mental and emotional blocks to creating space and planning strategically for those things you want to keep.

#9. Clear out the medicine cabinet

Old cough syrups from last year (empty anyway), expired meds, or those no longer needed can be tossed. Good riddance!

It's good to take a minute and update your medicines now and then so that you know where you stand in the case someone gets sick.

This is probably one of the most overlooked decluttering tasks - until someone needs something and you realize it's expired. 😔

#10. Rugs, runners, and mats that cramp your style

I would rather have concrete floors than an old dingy hand-me-down rug that I can't stand. Roll them up to sell or donate.

Your floor makes such a huge impact on the way you see your home. It can truly change the whole vibe!

Don’t think that just because you own something (or something was given to you), you have to display it. Your home should always tell the story of you, how you live, and what you love!

That should be enough decluttering tasks to get the ball rolling! Let me know how you progress! Set a reasonable schedule and keep it basic to start.


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