10 Healthy Habits To Simplify Your Life

habits Nov 08, 2023
10 Healthy Habits To Simplify Your Life

We are back from our honeymoon and it was awesome! We stayed at a 5-star all-inclusive resort in Cancun, Mexico, and, honestly, I’m having a hard time getting back into the groove of normal life. Mostly, because I’m holding on to that “vacation spirit” of being in Cancun.

Right now, I’m working to build some new, better habits and make sure that I’m intentional about spending my time so that I don’t get sucked back into the rat race of busy life 😌. In the spirit of continuing these slow relaxing vibes, I’m sharing 10 healthy habits- some of which I picked up in Cancun- that I’m working on to simplify life!

1. Skincare

My first of the ten healthy habits to simplify your life is Skincare. When we were in Cancun, we were out in the bright sunshine (as you can imagine.) The weather was gorgeous, but it was also very hot. I did start to notice a bit of sun damage, even after lathering up with SPF 100. I have freckle-prone skin, but as I get older, I see it congregating in unwanted places.

So, skincare is something I have been focusing on since coming back. I have been using masks and some special creams. You can find some of my favorite products in my decluttering my make-up bag by 50% post. My goal is to take care of my skin, let it rest, hydrate, and all of the good stuff like vitamin C to help with discoloration.

2. Smoothies

While we were in Cancun, there was this restaurant/ juice bar would go to quite frequently. Our room was right around the corner from it, so we would wake up in the morning and go to the juice bar. They had the most amazing smoothies that would make me feel invigorated and rejuvenated for the day.

This inspired me to start drinking smoothies when I got back. It’s an excellent habit because it gives you many nutrients in a simple way that happens to be healthy for you! It helps with getting your vitamins B and C, all good-for-you stuff that makes you feel amazing.

These also happen to be great for your skin, organs, and connective tissue. It’s really a great habit to start. I’m enjoying it so far!

3. Meditation

 I’ve always been into meditation, or at least I have for about the past decade or so, but it’s one of those things that eventually falls off and I don’t use it for a while. Still, now that I’m back, I’m itching to get myself into a state of practicing taking breaks.

I feel like before I went on this week-long Cancun trip, I wasn’t allowing myself to take enough breaks; I would get focused on a project and hone in on that project until I couldn’t think about anything else.

4. Clear Workspace

Something important, especially for those productivity times, is to have a decluttered and well-lit workspace. This is an excellent habit of just keeping your workspace clear and well-lit. Also, having some healthy reminders of times to take breaks I think is crucial. If you want to deep dive into clutter-free workspaces this blog post “How to Energize Your Home Office To Keep You Inspired” is a great start!

5. Reading

Number five of my ten healthy habits to simplify your life is reading. Reading a book is another excellent way to break up the status quo. To get yourself out of your daily stories and into another type of story. Not to mention, of course, it’s just great for gaining knowledge, gaining new ways of saying things, and thinking about things.

I enjoy pausing and reading. However, it can be difficult when you have other things that need to be done to allow yourself to stop and read. I’m making an intentional effort to stop and read for at least 30 minutes every single day.

6. Change Your Environment

Whether taking a walk or going on a full-out vacation, changing your environment allows you to see things from a bird’s eye view and from different perspectives.

That is huge when it comes to simplifying. For example, aside from the beautiful architecture and artistry at the resort that we stayed at in Cancun, there was so much plant life. It was everywhere. It was lining the hallways on our way to our room.

 I was pleasantly surprised when I came home and my mom had bought all of these new plants while she was staying with the girls. She showed me how to take care of them (because I do not have a green thumb, as you may have heard me say before.) I kill plants all the time, but she showed me some simple ways to hopefully keep these plants alive. I’m feeling optimistic.

Getting outside or incorporating some kind of “outside nature” into your daily routine is an essential healthy habit to incorporate to simplify your life.

7. Decluttering

I am sure this is no surprise coming from me but another healthy habit to simplify your life – is to declutter! This one is loosely related to changing your environment. I believe that getting rid of the clutter and letting go of the stuff weighing you down will create space to move around freely.

Decluttering will help you breathe inside the space you’re living in all the time. Now, of course, I have tons of videos and blog posts up about this. You can start by watching my decluttering playlist on Youtube.

If you want to know my formula for creating holistic clutter-free spaces, I share all of that right here in my free masterclass, so be sure to check that out!

8. Listening

The next on the list of ten healthy habits to simplify your life is super simple (for the most part). It takes zero effort and that is: simply listening to people talk. Yep, let someone tell you about their life, their struggles, or what’s going on in their world. I did this a lot while we were in Cancun.

We went on many different transportation shuttles- just Matt, me, and the driver and we would have casual conversations. We would chat about their lives, what they do day-to-day, what they enjoy, what they listened to, and what frustrates them.

These conversations changed our perspective on how we live and how we see things back here at home. I think that’s always the power of listening to other people who aren’t living in your bubble. It’s mind-expanding and, thereby, simplifying.

9. Moving Your Body

While we were in Cancun, we did a lot of walking. We walked on the long trail paths to the beach and the pool, we walked to different outdoor excursions and activities and did SCUBA diving.  I was a little worried about getting back home and being stagnant too stagnant- moving from chair to chair, workstation to bed.

Instead, I want to be intentional about moving my body, stretching my muscles, and making sure that there’s some kind of continuous movement going throughout my day. I know it always makes me feel so much better. Even more than that, keeping up with your physical status is more than appearance- it determines the things you’re going to struggle with tomorrow.

Movement simplifies your body and removes so many of those pains and struggles.

10. Sleeping

My final recommendation of healthy habits to simplify your life is to sleep! Unfortunately, many people will sacrifice their sleep schedule and run on empty all the time. There’s a misconception that sleep is about “beauty rest” or that it’s a luxury. Something to enjoy only on vacation.

However, a lot more goes into our sleeping time than many realize. Sleeping is actually where your hormones are balanced. Those hormones determine what your body does with food, how balanced your moods are, what kind of decisions you make, and your ability to process information, among others.

So sleep is much more than just a recharging pad, although, it is an excellent recharging system to be able to take a nap and reset your brain. Even more than that, it’s necessary for all of your physical functions. One of the healthiest things that you can do is to get enough sleep.

If you did nothing other than get enough sleep, move your body, and drink water, you would probably be okay! There you have it, these are the healthy habits that I’m currently focusing on and I hope you adopt a couple of them as well to help simplify your life.


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